Walk-in Flu Clinics

All clinics are running between 2pm & 6pm on the following dates:

Friday 20th September (over 65 ONLY)

Thursday 26th September (over 65 ONLY)

Thursday 17th October (all eligible patients, 18-64 & over 65)

Thursday 31st October (all eligible patients, 18-64 & over 65)


Please Note:  Children's clinics will be announced soon

Book an appointment image Book an appointment

  • Booking an appointment

    All consultations with a doctor or nurse are arranged strictly by appointment only, except in an emergency. We want you to see the doctor of your choice but, in an emergency, this may not always be possible. An urgent appointment will always be available on the day with the duty doctor.

    To make an appointment telephone 01803 862671 or visit the surgery between:-

    • 08.00 and 19:30 Monday - Thursday
    • 08:00 and 18:30 Friday

    Telephone lines are open 08:30 - 18:00 every weekday.

    Please do not ‘store-up’ problems for one consultation slot. If you think your problem will need extra time please ask reception for a longer appointment.

    Please inform reception if you are feeling unwell in the waiting area or if you have a sick or ill child with you.


    If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else.

    Our dedicated Cancellation Line is 01803 862671 (Option 1). 

    Similarly, if the doctor refers you to a consultant and you no longer require the appointment, please inform the appropriate department at the hospital as soon as possible.

  • Phone Consultations

    Rather than attending the surgery it may be better for you to talk to your doctor on the phone in the first instance. Phone the surgery 01803 862671 and ask the receptionist to arrange for a telephone consultation with your doctor.

    Phoning the Doctor Direct

    You can phone the GPs here at Leatside direct on their direct dial lines, please click on the link below to save your own copy.  The table will show you when they are normally available and the number to telephone.  Please note: there may be times, when the GPs will not be available at the specific times stated - for example when on annual leave, when taken ill or when they are having to be the emergency duty doctor.  At these times, the doctors direct lines will be forwarded to the Reception Team.

    Direct Dial numbers to the GPs 

  • Home visits

    For same day visits, please:

    1. Telephone the surgery before 10:30.  Only emergency visits can be accepted after that time.
    2. Give the name of the patient, full address and directions of how to get there, if requested.  (Please ensure that the house number or name is visible for the doctor) 
    3. Give a contact telephone number.

    For routine visits, whilst every effort will be made to provide the doctor of your choice, this cannot be guaranteed. All emergency visits will be made by the duty doctor.

  • Evening and weekend appointments

    Improved Access service for evening and weekend appointments.

    Evening access

    This is a requirement (known as Improved Access) where practices ensure that from Monday to Thursday a practice in each area is open between 6pm-8pm. 

    To access the following appointments please continue contact us here at Leatside:

    Mondays: 6.00pm to 8.00pm – Leatside Surgery
    Tuesdays: 6.00pm to 8.00pm – Chilington Surgery & Ashburton Surgery (rotation basis)
    Wednesdays: 6.00pm to 8.00pm – Buckfastleigh Medical Practice & Catherine House (rotation basis)
    Thursdays: 6.00pm to 8.00pm – Dartmouth Medical Practice

    Weekend Improved Access Service

    We offer weekend appointments situated in two central hub locations:

    Please call us here at Leatside to pre-book a Weekend appointment:

    Fridays: 6.00pm—8.00pm 
    Saturdays: 8.00am—6.00pm 
    Sundays:  8.00am—2.00pm 

    Consent to share your medical records with another practice:

    Please note as this contract is being delivered at scale across the locality, you will not necessarily be seen by a GP, Practice Nurse or HCA known to you from your practice

    To ensure that the Clinician you see has full access to your medical records, when you book your appointment the Administrator will ask you to consent to sharing your medical records. Once consent is gained the clinician seeing you on the day is the only person who will have access to your medical record, this consent is valid for 28 days from the appointment date. It is essential that consent is gained for you to be able to have the appointment. If you feel you do not wish to provide consent then it will not be suitable for you to book the appointment. 
    Thank for you your co-operation and support and we hope you make full use of this new service. 

  • Appointments with a Practice Nurse or Healthcare Assistant

    Our team of six nurses, four healthcare assistants (HCA) and a phlebotomist hold morning and afternoon/evening clinics from Monday to Friday 08:30 - 18:00.

    They provide a wide range of services including; immunisation and travel advice, blood testing, ECG’s, wound dressing, health checks, oral contraception, HRT checks, smears, ear syringing and smoking and dietary (healthy eating) advice and support.

    To make an appointment contact reception.